Zips One, Three and Four are now open!

Take Zip #1 and fly for 200 feet over the Grizzly lift right in front of the Last Run Inn.  The line is paired so you can ride next to a friend while flying in a comfortable paragliding harness about 45 feet off the ground.   Zip #3 takes it up a few notches as you fly 700 feet through the forest well over 100 feet off the forest floor.  Then take a deep breath when you clip on and finish with Zip #4, flying nearly 1000 feet, through the trees and across the base area close to 200 feet up in the air. You can do the zip three line tour which takes about an hour and half and the cost is $25.  We are still operating Zip #1 as a single zip tour in 45 minute time slots and you can take as many flights as you want in your 45 minute time slot (most tours are averaging 3-4 flights per rider).  Cost is $10 per rider (availability for this tour is limited please inquire).  Each period starts on the hour with equipment outfitting and instruction.  Making a reservation is recommended. Reservations can be made by calling the hill and leaving a voice mail at the zip-line voice box (406-549-9777, ext 3).  We do our best to accommodate day-of walk-ins but can’t guarantee availability.  First flight goes at 1pm and second at 2pm.  Additional times are added at 3pm and 4pm if there is enough demand. Tours only go out during our normal summer operating days Fri-Sun.  Zip Line Tours will go through September 14.

Here are some important safety requirements and recommendations for zip line riding

  • Weight range for zip riders is 60 to 230 pounds.
  • Closed-toe shoes are required-there is some hiking so comfortable supportive shoes are recommended.
  • Articles like hats, glasses, cameras and other loose personal items should have leashes or secure attachment.
  • Zipping is not recommended for persons with back or neck problems, dizziness or motion sickness, high blood pressure or heart problems as these conditions could be aggravated.
  • Expectant mothers should not zip.
  • No eating or drinking while zipping.  No smoking any where on the mountain.