Snow Sports Programs for 13-14

Greetings from the Snowbowl Snowsports School!

Snowbowl Snow Sports School’s goal is to help you have more fun on the snow. We have all sorts of lessons and programs, whether this is your first time on the snow or you just need a few tips.

When you are riding the Grizzly lift and you see some skiers or boarders blasting down the Grizzly Chute, chances are they started out in one of our Snow Sports School programs. Our kids programs are designed to teach kids of all abilities to have fun and be safe, while learning how to get down the slopes better. Three day Christmas Club starts on December 29 and is an excellent “warm-up” for the season and our six-week programs. This season the six-week program will start with an orientation, registration and “mini lesson” on the weekend of January 4th and 5th. This first session will be free and will give the kids and parents a chance to check out the program. We will start putting kids into their initial groups so we can start off the main 6-week session without registration delays. If you can not make it on the first weekend, registration will still be open during the first weeks of the programs. The program will continue for the six weeks after January 5th and 6th ending February 15th and 16th with one make up session the next weekend. Sorry there are no refunds for missed lessons. Early registration deadline for the 6-week kids programs is Sunday, January 5th.

Click on the Kids Six-Week Programs  for more details.

Our FWO (For Women Only) program is back for the 25th season and continues to provide outstanding and fun instruction for women of all abilities whether they alpine ski, telemark or snowboard. FWO will be offered on Friday afternoons starting January 10th, but we are holding Sunday afternoons open for a special session if there is enough interest to put together a group(s). Stop by the Snow Sports desk or call us to let us know your interests or questions. A Sunday session can be set up so it coincides with the Sunday Kid’s Program so you can all improve your skiing or riding skills at the same time.

We can also put together a special “customized” group for you. If you’ve been skiing for years and really don’t want to do the private lessons or group lesson “thing,” this just might be what you’re looking for. Grab some friends and pick something you want to work on such as improving your parallel turns or mastering crud in the bowls. One-day programs or multi-week programs are possible. Stop by the Snow Sports desk and we can talk about what you have in mind.

Don’t forget to register early before the early registration deadline (about a week before the program starts-exact dates are on registration pages) to save time and the late registration fee of $10.00. We will be putting the initial groups together before the first day so we can get out on the snow as soon as possible. Groups will be adjusted based on a skier’s ability and strength during the program.

Click on the links on the left for more information on our lessons and programs. We hope you’ll join us this year.




Helmets do provide significant protection. They dramatically reduce forces applied to the skull and the brain and thus reduce the potential for injuries. We encourage skiers to wear helmets. For more information about helmets, visit the National Ski Areas Association website . This site provides useful information on helmet sizing, research, articles and other useful information.