Snowbowl Vertical Challenge for 2018

Sponsored by Big Sky Brewing, Board of Missoula  and Snowbowl


We are mixing it up a bit with the challenge being to ski/ride the most vertical on the most number of runs.  Here are the details and preliminary rules.

Two person teams

Team with the most points is the winner

Points are awarded based on vertical feet traveled, check points stopped at and special points (listed below).

You must document your vertical and check points visited with photos—“Selfies” showing both team members and the check point sign or the event clock at the top of both lifts (not the lift shack clock).

Each foot of vertical is worth one point-Grizzly lift 2000 points and LaValle lift 1000 points and each check point visited is worth 1500 points.  Plus the Special Bonus Points below.

You need a phone with a camera or camera to take your Selfies–make sure the battery is fully charged!   Your photos will be reviewed to award points at the conclusion.

Entry is free!

Registration in the Day Lodge either on Saturday all day or Sunday morning before the lifts open.

The Challenge goes bell to bell–10:00 am to 4:30 pm.  You must bring your phone/camera to the Lodge by 4:45 pm

A special competitor’s lunch will be available to purchase at registration and will be served on course at the bottom of the Grizzly lift.

Two pairs of skis will be raffled off at the end of the day to qualifying participants (you must earn a minimum number of points).  Many other prizes will also be available.

The Special Bonus Points

For teams with an age difference between each member of 50 years or more         3000 points

For teams with a combined age of 24 years or less                                                 3000 points

For teams with a combined age of 110 to 130 years                                                3000 points

For teams with a combined age of over 130 years                                                   5000 points


Put your team together and plan your strategy to accumulate the most points!